Ashley and Jeremy

Ashley and Jeremy will be getting married in June. They are a really sweet couple and it was a fun engagement shoot. I photographed them down at Pleasure Park which allowed for amazing views and backdrops.  I will be photographing their wedding in June.


Lindsey’s Senior Pics

It was the first time really that I was using my new camera, and unfortunately during the shoot, it all went pear shaped, so we rescheduled for the following day.

But in fact it actually worked out pretty well, as we got to use a few more outfits then intended, a couple different locations and of course different hairstyles.

Lindsey’s senior pictures turned out fabulous, she was fun to work with.  A word of advice to all seniors who are getting their pictures taken, make sure you are given the option of various different attire, try bringing some hats, they make great props, don’t wear to much makeup, you want to look young, not 17 going on 30. And try getting your photographer to try different locations.

I personally am not a fan of studio pictures, but that in itself is just a personal thing. We have such gorgeous landscapes here in our valley, so you should make good use of them, they certainly make for gorgeous backdrops.

rocking the prom dress

Bryanna was a great young model to work with, I think that her past dance experience helped in making these pictures just awesome. Truthfully I never understand why these girls, or their parents, spend all this money on dresses, hair and makeup, not to mention the bling. And then we have those typical backyard pictures of the kids all dressed up. Sorry parents, I get it, you have to capture the moment and they do all look fabulous. But at this point, why not spend a little extra cash on getting fabulous pictures that will last a life time.

For me I was lucky enough to be a model at that age, and so I have some really neat pictures to look back on from when I was obviously much younger.  But when one does not have this option, why not get some stunning photos of the girls looking amazing. It is only a few years that they get to go to prom, so make it worth it. I can assure you, I do not charge huge amounts of $$$ to do these, and it is definitely money well spent in my opinion.

Especially since the prom dresses today are fabulous compared to what I grew up with. So come on girls, rock those dresses.

And so, here we go, Bryanna modelling last year’s prom dress. Just fabulous!!


Here she is, sweet little Mariah. You can view her mom’s maternity pictures throughout this blog. Congrats Lacie.


Hello world!


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